What is Children Worship & Wonder?

An exciting way of approaching faith formation with children through specially designed worship is the best way to describe Children Worship & Wonder. In Children Worship & Wonder children have the opportunity to hear Bible stories and form responses out of their own life experiences. They learn the meaning of church traditions and participate in worship practices (Young Children and Worship, Introduction).  Children Worship & Wonder is offered as our children’s church time with trained leaders for children 3 years old through 2nd Grade.   Children attend the regular worship service with parents and after the children's chat time, they will leave with a Greeter and go to their own Worship Center for the Children Worship & Wonder experience.  Your kids will love it!   


Below is a basic walk-thru description:

  • Following Children’s Chat in adult worship, the children meet with a Greeter who leads them to a worship center created especially for them. A storyteller is waiting in the Worship Center to greet them.

  • The storyteller leads the children in a time of singing, telling a story, prayer and praise.

  • Specifically designed figurines and props are used lead the children through one of God’s Bible stories.

  • The children are invited to share in a time of wonder about the story.

  • The children are led to respond to God through prayer, song, offering, celebrating a feast, and using the day's or previous story materials to retell the story they heard. Alternatively, children creating artwork that shows their own understanding of the story, or reading story books.

  • As a community we pray together and share in a feast

  • Blessings are given to the children as they leave the Worship Space to go out into world.

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